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2011 BSB Season Review

Results & Laps Times Click on Link Below

SUNOCO Race Fuels - 125 GP British Championship: 

The 2011 British 125GP Championship continues to provide some of the closest and intense on track battles as the champions of tomorrow fight it out for the title. The class is closely watched by some of the major players in not only the UK but also further afield with five riders also competing in the MotoGP Rookies Cup. The ACU Academy Cup class riders with an end of season prize of paid entries to the final two rounds of the CEV (Spanish) Championship at Valencia and Jerez. The British 125GP Championship races are all shown on British Eurosport.

Round 1 - Brands Hatch (Indy Circuit) 22nd -25th April 2011

was the first round of the BSB - Sunoco British GP125 Championship & what a scorcher it was with track temperatures up to 45c !
Fridays 45 minute open pit lane practice was steady trying different gearing and fuel settings. Bradley soon realized how keen all the other riders were and it felt more like a qualifying session, so he knew this was going to be a tuff meeting from day one.
Saturdays first practice & first qualifying went well and Brad dropped his lap times by nearly two full seconds, which was the fastest he had ever gone round Brands Indy lapping in the 52's, but he new this was not enough and had to do better in the final qualifier on Sunday.
Sunday started looking like it was going to be a good day for the final qualifier, we worked on some new suspension settings and moved onto some harder rubber, which Bradley had never used before, so was all set. Until we stripped the top end of the engine and saw the damage caused by the piston ring pin had snapped, this meant a full new top end rebuild with new piston, so had to be run in. Brad spent half the qualifier at low revs and only managed to string together 3-4 fast laps at the end running mid 51's, which put him 21st on the grid, however only 1.5 seconds of a possible pole position. The bike ran perfect and was 2nd quickest over the start finish line, so with some more laps under his belt in the race we thought he would be in with a good chance of making some places up through the race.  
Pictures by: Richard Glover

The 8 minute Warm up went well and Brad put in the 14th fastest time, in a 6 lap dash and was ready for the race later in the afternoon. All 37 riders made the grid and what a site when they set off with a plume of 2 stroke all trying to make a line for the first corner into Paddock Hill, then just in front of Brad was carnage, 5 riders colliding with each other. Brad fortunately managed to swerve and miss one rider on the floor and another bike sweeping across the track, the Red Flag went out instantly and all the riders were sent back into the pit lane. Fortunately there were no serious injuries sustained by the five riders, I believe only a couple of fractures, which is really lucky when you see how many were involved. The race was restarted with a reduced 19 lap race and everybody got around the first corner safely, Bradley had been quite shuck up with the incident happening all around him and he lost seven places in the first lap, with the crash still playing on his mind and was down to 28th. After a few laps he put it behind him and pressed on, but left really too much to do, battling his way through the field he could only manage 16th across the finish line, but taking 6 Cup Championship points, leaving him 10th in the ACU Cup after round 1.
Pictures by: Richard Glover

Bradley & the Team would like to thank you all for your continued support 

Oulton Park next, Bradley is really looking forward to this one and is confidant for a better result.

Round 2 - Oulton Park 28th -30th April 2011

Bradley couldn’t wait to get back to Oulton Park after Brands Hatch Indy, the 2.69 mile circuit has it all in comparison and is hard work and demanding.
Friday practise went well, in both sessions Bradley put in strong times finishing 7th & 10th with the bike 2nd fastest across the finish line.
Saturday qualifying and the wind had picked up and Bradley struggled with suspension problems and could only manage 18th  and then 19th, putting him on the 5th row of the grid, not where he wanted to be, he had high hopes of getting towards the front couple of rows. He was certainly in the middle of things, so a good start could see him back towards where he wanted to be.
Race day, the weather was bright and sunny, but the wind was even stronger with gusts, which was going to cause some problems for sure, also blowing debris and sand across the circuit. The bike was rebuilt Saturday evening and already to go for warm up in the morning, unfortunately the bike only managed half a lap and lost all power, Brad managed to get the bike back to the holding area but there was nothing we could do. We stripped the top end down to find the piston had broken up, with two large sections missing below and above the piston ring, never seen anything like that before. Adam spent hours sanding and honing the barrel to loose all of the aluminium which had welded itself to the sides of the barrel, fortunately this was successful and we put a second hand piston from another team in to save running a new one in for the start of the 14 lap race.
Brad was a little apprehensive about the repairs to say the least, with no warm up or running things back in, he went out to the grid very nervous. The warm up lap went well and Brad managed a good start holding his line into the first corner, lost out a couple of places on the first lap and settled into his race. We could see his lap times tumbling on the screens on the pit wall and one by one was getting up through the field and making good progress and with some of the front runners coming off he was soon up to 10th place working towards 9th looking for 8th. When suddenly his times dropped off with 4 laps to go, and on the last lap lost a place finishing 11th overall and 6th in the ACU Cup. Which is his best finish to date in the BSB series.
 Pictures by: Stuart Painter

When we got to the holding area, Bradley was brushing himself down and we had no idea what was going on, he thought the fuel tank had split and petrol was spraying up at him. All of the dash and screen was wet, along with Brad’s helmet and leathers, on closer inspection the radiator was burst by a stone near the top and was squirting upwards. So Bradley was very lucky to get the bike home across the line and quick thinking to keep the revs down and run the bike in his safety map setting.
A good solid result under the circumstances, putting Bradley 8th in the ACU Academy Cup after 2 rounds and also giving him 5 points in the Main Championship.
Croft next on the 13-15th May, not been there before on his GP125, so there will be lots to learn. 
Thanks to everybody that came to give Bradley support at Oulton it really did make for a very enjoyable weekend. 


Round 3 - Croft 13th - 15th May 2011

 Croft was always going to be a difficult event for ourselves as we had no prior testing or track settings to work with.

Friday Practise was slow to start with learning the circuit, trying some different gear settings and running in a new top end, thought we had enough idea where we were with gearing for qualifying the next day.

Saturday Qualifying first session went ok running P20 and taking another two seconds of his lap times, however Brad felt the gearing still wasn’t right and for the second session tried something different again. This actually didn’t work as well on the fast sections and lost top end, but made it easy to get out of the hairpin, so we needed to find a compromise for race day, he also felt the bike had lost some power towards the end of the session and couldn’t really improve on his lap times other than a 10th of a second putting him P23 on row 6 of the grid.

Picture by : Glyn Richards
The bike was stripped that evening and sure enough we had snapped another piston ring, the bike was repaired late into the evening ready for warm up the next morning, we worked out the gearing to try something completely different just to see if it would be any better in the 8 minutes of warm up.

Warm up was damp, not wet or dry, so wets were put on as no good chancing anything before race, so I told Brad to just pin it down the fast sections to see on the data if the gearing would work and I thought we had finally cracked it for the race. The bike was checked again and we were all set for the race with new rubber also hoping for a dry race.

Thanks Beth for the Brolly Work
14 lap Race, the weather was holding just about and Brad really wanted a good start and make some places back and sure enough he shot of the line and took most of the 5th row in front of him and by the end of the first lap had made 6 places.

However short lived as when he came out of the first chicane his arm was up and pulled off the race line, we could see from the pit wall his frustration. A long wait for the bike to come back to the paddock and on a quick inspection it was clear the crank had gone, once stripped the big end bearing had collapsed. Our first mechanical breakdown in an actual race for nearly 2 years, we were gutted !
Thruxton Spring Bank Holiday and hopefully we will have some better luck, Brad likes the circuit, its fast and flowing and should suit our set up, see you all soon.

Round 4 - Thruxton End of May 2011

BSB Round 4 Sunoco 125GP
We were really looking forward to this one Brad likes the circuit and he has won here a couple of years ago in his Formula 125 days, doesn’t that make him sound old ! at the age of 12 mind.
Practise day Saturday and we found a problem with the bike cutting out going into Club chicane after about 8 laps in, Brad thought the bike had nipped up the first time it happened, so it was a full strip down that evening for qualifying the next day.
Pictures by: Steve Russ
The first qualifying session Sunday morning and sure enough after 8-9 laps the same thing happened again, leaving Brad P23, we were mystified to what the problem was, either heat related or fuel delivery. So we made about some small changes and some new parts to try and eliminate the problem and hoped for the second afternoon qualifier we had sorted it.
Bradley knew he had to get stuck in if he wanted a better grid position, he came in after putting 10 strong laps in and was sitting P14, decided to take a leak at the end of pit lane which caused much amusement for the marshals with 8 minutes on the board ! how cool is that. Shot back out for the last 6 minutes and took another second a lap off going P11, flying on the last lap going green on the timing screens looking for another second but the yellow flags were out at Club as Robert English had just had a nasty crash narrowly missing the ambulance, which I hope he gets well soon with two damaged legs. So couldn’t improve on P11, on the 3rd Row best the year to date and it looked like we had sorted the bike whatever it was.
Pictures by: Steve Russ
Morning warm up was steady in dry conditions at P19 and things were looking good for the race, however rain was forecast. Sure enough the rain came, Brad set off for the grid not sure what to expect as he hadn’t raced in the wet here or since last September. He narrowly missed being run over by a van pulling a caravan through the paddock whilst the driver was on his mobile phone, then his bike wouldn’t start on the grid prior to the 2 lap warm up. So to say he was now bricking it was probably an understatement.
He got a good start but backed right off around the first lap, whilst others were falling and running off circuit, settled in behind John Vincent, who has a wealth of experience in these conditions until near the end of the race pushed on past John to take a few places finishing 17th. Not the best result and certainly not what Brad was hoping for this weekend, but safe and sound.
Thanks to all our friends for their support this weekend and having to stand in the rain. We are going to compete at Mallory Park next weekend with North Gloucester for some more track time before our next outing with BSB.

Round 5 - Knockhill, Scotland - June 2011

BSB - Round 5 - Knockhill Scotland
What a weekend, wasn’t really looking at doing this one, as funding is low and its such a long way to go, also not been there before, so no settings.
So in true Hughes fashion, we decided to go at 7pm the Wednesday evening and packed the van quickly to set off at 3am the following morning. Only myself and Brad as our mechanical help was busy working on the South coast and we didn’t really want to ask anybody else as it was short notice and the distance involved. So it was going to be Father & Son on tour, the first time we had ever done that !
We got to Knockhill around 9am Thursday morning, it was a beautiful day, sun shining and it was looking all very promising, got our paddock set up between KRP & Dunlop’s lorries so was well sheltered if the weather turned.
We awoke on Friday morning and still the sun was shining, 9am came along and the Supersport lads went out and it started to rain, well that was it rain all day. Brad rode well, learning the circuit and setting some good mid field times.
Qualifying Saturday morning and we were first out at 9am and yes it was still raining, Brad rode well going P14 and we were happy with that on the 4th row, 2nd Qualifying and it was now raining quite heavy, he took another half a second off but was now P18, then ran wide on a corner clipped the grass and was off heading towards the fencing. So didn’t improve on P18 5th row start, bike and rider were ok so set to get ready for warm up and the 22 lap race the next day.
 Picture by: DDSphotographic
Warm up was on full wets, although not raining there was still no dry line, all went well pushing on in the damp conditions. Our race was at 12.45pm and the circuit was now dry for the first time. Nobody had any dry time for practice and we had no settings as not been here previously, so it was a little bit of guess work. The race started and Brad lost out going into the first corner as some riders went down and the race was red flagged after a couple of laps as further riders also went down. The grid was then made up from where you were at the time of the red flag, Brad was now sitting at 22nd after missing other rider crashes so had it all to do in the remaining 16 lap race. He made a good start and battled his way through the field up to 12th with 3 laps to go looking at trying to make 10th, going into the hairpin a rider that Brad had just taken completely out braked himself trying to come back at Brad and completely wiped Brad out across the circuit. Brad tried frantically to get his bike back of the Marshals to finish the race, but they wouldn’t give it him back ! game over.
Brad’s first BSB Race crash since we started the series last year and not even his fault, he was gutted !
We packed up swiftly and headed for home some 350 miles very disappointed and if that wasn’t bad enough the race van then broke down and we were recovered on two lorries getting back early Monday morning.
This was certainly one of the hardest weekends racing and bike preparation we had undertaken on our own, we were both completely exhausted, but on reflection it wasn’t all bad as Brad rode well all weekend in some of the most difficult of conditions he has ever raced, on a very unfamiliar Circuit and not hurt having two separate crashes, just a shame he didn't get a finish.
Snetterton next week for round 6, bring on the sun please !!!!!!!!!!!! 

Round 6 - Snetterton 300 - July 2011

BSB Round 6 – New Snetterton 300 - 2.9miles
Sunoco British GP125 Championship
Friday Practise - the weather was looking perfect for the weekend and sure enough the sun was shining. Although the circuit was new this season, most teams had been here testing and we had managed a track day also back in March, so we all had a pretty good idea where the settings should be. We had been struggling with brakes over the last couple of meetings and decided to try some new wave disks from Japan, so Friday was spent trying to bed 3No new disks in. First session only managed a couple of laps but pressed on in the second, Brad still wasn’t convinced the brakes were any better though.
 Picture: Glyn Richards
Saturday Qualifying – again the sun was shining, first qualifier Brad stayed out all session without coming in trying to push for a good lap time, but towards the end of the session lost his way a little over running corners and came in pit lane frustrated with himself wanting more sitting at P18. He felt the brakes were no better and his tires were too hard, so the Jacksons kindly borrowed us another front disk to try and we opted for soft tires for the second qualifier. Second qualifier Brad set the first fifteen minutes lapping confidently getting the feel for the new brakes and softer rubber and was sitting around P22, came in for a drink and set off to try and put a quick few laps together. Put three strong laps in going P10 and was on his last flying lap going green in the first two sectors and narrowly saved a high side pushing hard, he came in disappointed because he new without the mistake it would have been a real quick lap. Brad was now happy with the brakes and tires , so a 3rd row start P10 is good enough.
 Picture: David Salisbury
Sunday 12 Lap Race Day – Warm up went well, putting a few steady laps together sitting mid pack at P16 all was looking good, no changes. It was a beautiful hot sunny day and there were crowds all around the circuit, the paddocks were packed with spectators the most we had seen for a long time, so Brad chilled out until his race at 2.30pm.
 Thanks to Karen Warfe for the Brolly Work
We all set off for the grid and was hoping this could be the change in misfortune as nothing has gone Brads way all season in the Race, Brad came back to the Grid after the warm up lap shaking his head and we had to wait until he next came round to see where he would be. P10 to P22 in one lap and again as he came past the pit wall shaking his head and looked like the bike was down on power, the laps seam to last forever when you don’t see any improvement it was obvious the bike had problems. Brad managed to hold position until the end but had no power to improve and only due to a couple of non finishers managed to bring it home P19.
Brad & the team were so disappointed, Brad explained in the holding area the bike had overheated and heard something in the engine and ran the electronics in safety mode, having to push the bike fast round the corner loosing out power up the big straights to hold position. On inspection back in the paddock, a piston ring had snapped due to the due to the overheat !
Oulton Park on the 15-17th July and we know Brad can go well there, I just hope lady luck will be on our side. Thanks to all that came to support Brad this weekend, it was really a great weekend just a shame about the result, Brad is riding so well I just hope he can put all these set backs behind him. 

Round 7 - Oulton Park- July 2011

BSB Round 7 –  Sunoco British GP125 Championship

Welcome to Oulton 'WATER ' Park
Friday was lovely and sunny, practice went well the first session bedding new brakes in and making sure everything was working the way it should after our over heat at Snetterton. The second session Brad pushed on and managed to get into the 1:50's, the fastest he has gone here and nearly 2 seconds quicker than his qualifying time back in April, put him P11 of the 36 strong grid and he was confidant for the qualifying on Saturday.
We awoke on Saturday to very heavy rain, the GP125's were first on circuit for qualifying 1, it was dreadful conditions and the forecast was bad for the rest of the day. I couldn't believe the pace these little bikes were setting, not being able to see a hand in front of your visor ! 120mph + into the first corner, still with the back wheel in the air under braking. We were half way through the session and Brad went P6 ! what a shock, then was bumped to P8 after a couple of laps, lapping in the low 2:04's in very heavy rain, then with about 5 minutes to go he goes green on the screens in sector 1 knocking a full second off, then high sides the bike coming out of the chicane, session over and was taken to the Med Centre.
 Photo by: SPH photography

I didn't know what to expect walking to the Med Centre at the end of the pit lane, only that he was walking, its never a nice feeling, straight into a treatment room and he is sitting on the bed. He was more upset at being bumped to P10 on the last lap, than the crash ! fortunately his leathers had done a good job as the bike had gone over his arm after being thrown over the front and only sustained bruising, below and above his elbow, which now had a lump. The Doctor strapped his arm up and signed him off fit to race, but if he had any doubts to come back. We all set to repair the damaged bike, which had also broken a section of the frame. Thanks to Adam & Gary Rimmer for their hard work.
The 2nd qualifier was in the afternoon and was now dry, Brad really didn't feel like it and had wished for a wet session again, as he knew his time in Q1 was good enough to keep a 3rd row start. He battled on through the session, his arm was hurting and just to add to that the bike was now misfiring, thinking it was the plug we changed that in the pit lane, but still no good, Bradley gave up and said enough and only managed P19 5th row start, not able to get down to his times from Friday. Very disappointed.
 Photo by: Stuart Painter
Race day, just when you think the weather couldn't get any worse. Warm up went well, in again very wet conditions going P16, the arm was still troubling Brad so he went back to the Med Centre and they strapped his arm again ready for the race. The weather changed again about 30 minutes before the race, complete sheet rain, the Superstock 100's had their race cut short and we were sent up to the grid as we were live on Eurosport. There was a lot of debate should the race run or not, with sweepers trying to clear the water off the circuit, the race was reduced to 8 laps only and the conditions were just awful ! Brad got a good start and was up to 13th, just before riders started going down, he had a big moment himself and backed right off not being able to see a thing or get any feel from the bike and just sat the 8 laps out looking for the flag, finishing 18th.
Not what we all wanted, especially Brad, but used his head, didn't want to fall again with his arm or do anymore damage to the bike just for the sake of it.
Next meeting is in a couple of weeks at Brands Hatch, practice on the Indy Circuit Friday & Qualifying and Race on the Full GP Circuit Saturday & Sunday, lets hope we get some better weather !

Round 8 - Brands Hatch GP August 2011

BSB Round 8 –  Sunoco British GP125 Championship

Friday was now an official test day only now on the short Indy Circuit due to council restrictions on using the full GP Circuit, completely mad for an International race Series.
We now have on board until the end of the season 100% Suspension working along side with us in the pit lane & paddock to help set the bike up, so we were trying different settings most of the day. The test went well, however had a few problems with the gearbox, so it was a complete strip down Friday night ready for Saturday morning.
 Photo by: Richard Glover 
Saturday and we were straight into Qualifying 1 at 10am on the full GP Circuit, with no practice it was head down and get on with it, same for everybody though. Brad managed to stay P18 by the end of the session, struggling with tyres but we had sorted the gearbox problem. Second Qualifier 2 and we now on some harder tyres as track temperature was now up also, 100% Suspension put some new settings in and Brad managed to finish the session P14, so a 4th row start for the 14 lap race on Sunday.
 Photo by: Richard Glover
Sunday race day, warm up went well going P15 and we were all set for the race. The flag waved them all off for the warm up lap and just in front of Brad two rides collided only after setting off about 50 yards, with one bike narrowly missing Brad, with a rider staying down and the red flag went out. All back to the grid, this certainly knocked Brads confidence again at the only circuit in the country he hates staring at due to the drop down paddock hill. The race was started again but Brad went from 14th on the grid to 22nd in the first two corners staying out of trouble, but leaving a mammoth task now of making the places back. He did however battle through the field to finish 16th missing out on 15th although he did cross the finish line in 15th, the race was put back due to a crash near the end and that meant at the time of the crash Brad was sitting 16th and they called the result at the time of the crash, shame has he lost out a main championship point and his prize money.
 Photo by: Richard Glover
Great to see family and friends this weekend it certainly made for an enjoyable weekends racing, Brad did ride consistent although he must get the first lap thing sorted, leaving him too much to do in the race. 

We are off to Anglesey next weekend for some extra practice and he will be working on this ready for Cadwell Park in a couple of weeks.

Round 9 - Cadwell Park August Bank Holiday 2011

BSB Round 9 –  Sunoco British GP125 Championship

I don’t know how, firstly to write this report, the Bank Holiday weekend was brutally sent into shock with the fatal accident of 18 year old Ben Guatrey in the 600 Superstock on the mountain. Our deepest sympathy goes to Ben’s family, close friends and MWR Gear Link Kawasaki Team. Ben was such a popular young talented racer in the paddock and Bradley raced against Ben in F125 – 2009 and since then has been a good friend in the paddock, always had a smile on his face and a kind word to younger rides and offering encouragement. Ben will always be within our thoughts in the paddock.
 Ben doing what he did best
Not been to Cadwell Park for twelve months and Bradley was keen to get going and improve on his previous lap times of 1:39’s.
Saturday test day – two sessions, firstly very damp conditions and then appalling rain, which was red flagged twice due to standing water.
 Picture by: Richard Glover
Sunday Qualifying 1 – Brad put 6 laps in and was P10, straight away hitting his previous lap times, came in with a problem on the front end and held P10 to the end of the session. We stripped the bike down and the headstock bearing had completely collapsed, we set to install new bearing and seals, not a job for the paddock without a press, top marks to Adam he managed a full rebuild with very limited tools.
Qualifying 2 – Brad completed 2 laps again in 1:39’s and didn’t come round on the 3rd lap, on timing screens ‘technical problem bike stopped’. We spent the rest of the 25 minute session watching the screens and seeing his name drop down the order to P18 by the end of the session and we couldn’t do nothing about it. I suppose only doing 8 full laps in the dry in two sessions and still holding P18 wasn’t looking to bad out of the 31 Grid. We again stripped the bike and the crank seals, bearings and a retaining nut on the end of the crank had come out, what a mess ! Full engine rebuild with new crank and casing repairs, massive, massive thanks to Adam & Gary for sticking with it until the early hours of the morning ready for warm up Race Day.
 Picture by: David Salisbury 
Race Day – Well the bike started first flick of the back wheel and we managed 3 heat cycles before warm up to try and gently bed all the new parts in. Warm up went well a couple of slow laps then Brad got his head down for the last two and managed to get under his qualifying time. It was looking good for race pace.
The event then took a turn for the worst in the 600 Superstock race, with Bradley watching at the mountain on the infield and came back devastated to what had happened in front of him. Bradley made the decision to race as all of the GP125 riders, as Ben would have wanted. With over 50,000 spectators this was going to be the most emotional race of his career.
Brad got away with pack held his ground and came round in P16 on the first lap, settled into his race pace, managed to make a few moves stick and finished P12 setting his fastest lap 1:37 and getting back into the main championship points.
I don’t really know how any of the riders managed to continue and showing a maturity well beyond their years, a very sad weekend and one we hope will never be repeated.  

Round 10 - Donington Park September 2011

BSB Round 10 –  Sunoco British GP125 Championship

A very emotional weekend, with the Tribute for Ben Guatrey on Race Day, R.I.P. Ben G #25 xxx
The weekend didn’t get off to the best of starts as the race van broke down about 600 yards from the paddock entrance and blocking the junction in, making us a very popular race team. Not! But was all sorted by the afternoon by two tow trucks and a mobile repair service.
Friday practise was hard work, Brad struggled getting to grips with the circuit with very little track knowledge and no set up, spent both sessions trying different things, firstly going P33 & then P27 out of the packed grid of 37 and really needed better times for qualifying.
Saturday first qualifying was at 9am, it was looking mixed conditions, went out on slicks and within one lap the session was red flagged, then it started to rain and started again on wets, stopped raining and Brad thought he could push on with slicks again, so a swift change and back out and went P10 in a 3 lap dash. Second qualifier and we were really hoping for rain, went out on slicks and everybody really went for it, putting Brad back down to P22, then it rained briefly and everybody came in. Told Brad to go back out on slicks like the responsible parent I am.... Brad was not convinced but went back out anyway and true enough the rain stopped, Brad put 3 fast laps in and finished P15 taking another 3 seconds of his previous dry times. So we were happy with that.
 Picture by: DDSphotographic
Sunday Race Day, warm up didn’t go to plan, we had to run a new piston in firstly for a couple of laps, however Brad had a big moment on a white line thinking the back wheel had locked up so came in. We found no problems with the bike, but it was clear both tyres had completely been spinning at some stage, so we put it down to lack of grip on a cold morning circuit. 14 laps of the 2.5 mile circuit and Brad made a positive start holding his line on the first lap, lost out a few places on the first lap and came across the line P19 of the 37 strong grid. Settled into his race pace and was confidently lapping 1.5 seconds below his qualifying time, locked into a proper lap by lap battle with Nigel Percy from Ireland, managed to take him on the last lap finishing P16.
A good race, Brad was a little disappointed on missing out on the main championship points, by one position but really enjoyed the race gaining confidence with every lap.
It was great to see some of our old racing buddies from the Minimoto paddocks and Club Racing, thanks guys for all the continued support.
Big thanks to all who helped out the weekend, especially Adam, Birthday Boy Gary, 100% suspension and Beth for the Brolly work.
 Big Happy Birthday to Gary Rimmer from BIG ED
Silverstone on the 23rd – 25th September and Brad is really looking forward to this one and hopes he can improve on last years results.  

Round 11 - Silverstone September 2011

BSB Round 11 –  Sunoco British GP125 Championship

Bradley was looking forward to this one, 3.6 miles of flat bends and straights a proper GP Circuit with kerbs you can actually use.
Friday Practise went ok, the clutch went in the first session and we managed to try and find some settings for Qualify. Trying different gearing, suspension settings and jetting as we were having problems with detonation, which we had not encountered any until the race at Donington, which we destroyed a piston in one race !
First Qualifier Brad went 11th for half the session out of the 37 strong grid, but finished 16th with heavy detonation again. So we raised the compression and jetting for the second Qualifier, however the bike went 16kph down on the straights, so defiantly not the right direction and qualified on the 5th row 18th for the 10 lap race.
We thought for warm up we would try something different which got the power back up and Brad managed 13th in the 8 minute session, so a couple of small changes and we were set for the race some 6 hours later at the end of the day.
 Picture by: Jacqueline Higgins
A couple of hours before the race, other teams were discussing fuel problems from our control sponsor and it certainly fitted with the problems we were encountering also. We were then told that no fuel samples would be taken after the race and the next meeting we didn’t have to use the control fuel. We were stuck to use the fuel for this race as we had no alternative or settings.
Brad made an ok start, however after the first lap the bike was detting its head off, so he decided to alter his race mapping to safety map A and run the race with less power but safe. He made a couple of places back and battled with TT Legend Ian Lougher for 9 laps changing position ever lap, eventually Brad made a move stick on Ian to finish in front of him on the line to finish 16th.
 Brad with Ian Lougher
Bradley & the team were disappointed he didn’t manage a top 10 finish, we all knew he was capable of one here, but once again troubled with bike set up it wasn’t to be. That said still managed to finish in front of Ian Lougher ! well done Brad.
Brands Hatch final round next week and although financially we shouldn’t really be doing it, it’s the last round and we are going to make an effort to finish the season on a high hopefully. We are going testing on Monday with some new race fuel now we don’t need control fuel, so finger crossed all goes well. 

Round 12 - Brands Hatch GP - October 2011

BSB Round 12 –  Sunoco British GP125 Championship

The last round of the BSB British Sunoco GP125
We had been struggling along with our control fuel all year supplied by Sunoco and especially with the last two meetings destroying pistons in races, so it was a breath of fresh air when the powers that be at BSB accepted there could be a problem and we could use our own fuel for the last meeting. After testing in South Wales we had some positive feedback with the fuel we had chosen and the bike was performing well, however we didn’t really know until we would get some sector speeds on our test day on the Friday at Brands on the Indy Circuit.
Fridays test went very well and Bradley went P10 & P11 taking a full second off his previous lap times, so we were looking good for Saturday Qualifying 1 on the full GP Circuit. Qualifying 1 and with one minute left on the timing screens Brad was sitting P6 and then lost out to P7 on the last lap by 1000th of a second. At last Brad and the bike was working for the first time this year in harmony, great job and two full seconds quicker than when we came in August. Second qualifier and unfortunately suffering with grip problems Brad could only manage exactly the same times and lost out to P11for the race, which is a 3rd row start. We were still happy with that, not one of Brad’s favored circuits.

Picture by: Richard Glover
Race day Sunday, the weather had changed and it was still wet for warm up, so the wets were on, with not a lot of grip Brad used his head a circulated around 18th as it was drying all of the time. Our race wasn’t until another four hours so plenty of time for the track to dry out in the sun which was now out. Race proceedings had been red flagged in many of the earlier races due to low grip levels and water coming back up through the surface, very strange as track temperatures were at 30c. The 1000 Superstock Race prior to ours was stopped after only one lap with multiple crashes around what looked like a dry circuit, however there was wet patches just appearing, their race was then cancelled and we went to the grid. To say Brad was now nervous was an understatement he doesn’t like the run of the start line into paddock at the best of times, never mind after a multiple pile up there and after the red lights went out he lost out into Paddock Hill, clashed with another rider and was down to about 22nd going up to Druids for the first time, thought he would take a few round the outside and lost the back end clipping the grass and now was down a few more places. So after all his hard work qualifying he was now well down the field and with reduced race distance due to TV coverage times had a mountain to climb. He pushed on as hard as he could, with very low grip levels at certain places and could only finish across the line 17th with a lunge trying to take another place. Very disappointed as he wanted to end the season on a high, however whilst back in the holding area you could clearly see his rear tyre was destroyed and must have given hardly any grip.

 Picture by: Richard Glover
To sum up the year, it has been a long hard year struggling with set up, on a very low budget. However Brad has managed to finish 10 races out of the 12 rounds, with one mechanical failure at Croft and one DNF crash at Knockhill, which certainly wasn’t his fault and has managed to take 2-3 seconds a lap from his times of last year. Just Lady luck hasn’t been with him during his races, finished 14th in the ACU Academy Cup.
We would like the thank everybody who has helped this year, without your support non of this would be possible. We hope we can continue into 2012 Racing, however we need to work harder than ever to find some financial support to make this happen. If anybody can help or maybe poin us in the right direction it really would be appreciated.
We will be posting various updates though the coming months and once again thank you all.